Dating a Scientologist While Having Anxiety

Dating a Scientologist While Having Anxiety

I dated a Scientologist for six years and I have no idea how I managed to live with that for so long.

I wasn’t so much that he was a Scientologist, but the very notion of it should have been a red flag. To have a mental disorder while living with a Scientologist is barely living at all and, had I not been dating him for so long, I would have gotten the necessary help I needed a whole lot sooner.…

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No more tears now; I will think upon revenge.
― Mary Queen of Scots
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The Upside of Unemployment

The Upside of Unemployment

“the poor will remain poor.
the unemployed will remain
the homeless will remain

and the politicians,
fat upon the land, will live
very well.”

Charles Bukowski, “The Riots”

There aren’t many things I can think of that are positive about being unemployed for so long. Without money, there is no chance of going out, having a few drinks and meeting someone new. You can’t buy yourself that…

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